5 Secrets About the South of France

When most of us think of the South of France we tend to picture yachts in Cannes and beachfront hotels that we’ll never be able to afford, but that’s only one part of the picture. Part-time France resident Christine Cantera has discovered that there are many charms beyond the clichés, and the area is worth consideration from nearly everyone.

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Food in Lyon, France

The sprawling southern city of Lyon is known as the gastronomic capital of France. Every year, gourmands from around the world flock the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants as well as its humble bistros. Although these days, Lyon is often associated with super-star chef Paul Bocuse and his nouvelle-cuisine, its culinary reputation was established a full century earlier with hearty, traditional...

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Burgundy: Wine, Barging, and Beyond

My favorite corner of France is Burgundy, a region overflowing with edible, drinkable, scenic, and floatable delights. Its rolling hills and a handful of sleepy villages have given birth to the superior wines and fine cuisine that say "French."

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