ARTOO, the acronym of ART OCCIDENTAL AND ORIENTAL, means the fusion of Eastern and Western art. This concept inherits the spirit of the ancient "Silk Road": pioneering, opening, and learning from each other, to develop a contemporary road of communication between east and west. In order to enhance mutual understanding and comprehension between people from different cultures, and to realize the fusion of multiculturalism while maintaining the cultural identity. We hope to create a platform, so that more people can have opportunities to have "an experienced dialogue" between the similarities and the differences of Eastern and Western culture.


ARTOO TRAVEL’s core philosophy of tourism is based on the concept "art of living ", and our main project for now is the concept based on "French art of living". "FRENCH ART DE VIVRE" is highly adored by people for its high quality of life, its well-known social etiquette, its elegant art of table, and its multicultural arts. To understand and experience this way of life, it is not only a reflection of the love of life, but also the recognition of a better quality of happy life.


ARTOO TRAVEL advocates tourism as a "dialogue" and "experience." We always make an effort to give the opportunity for the tourists to converse with themselves and the outside world. Instead of doing traditional projects, we endeavour to provide you a traditional tour but in "a different way of travel and with a different experience." In the creative journey, we focus on "traveling with the body and the heart." A plan of tourism well designed with different "theme Workshops" will be presented, which will make you get real spiritual benefits instead of making you feel bored. Hopefully our project will make you enjoy the "classic French art of living", and make you improve yourself in the process, as well as expand your vision of the world.


Through our journeys, we know ourselves better.


You, who knows how to live a better life, will give yourself an opportunity to slow down the rhythm of life, and feel each place’s specialty, each gourmet's intentions, each industry’s concentration, and to listen to the voices and echoes of yourself by enjoying every project designed with our heart.


Perfumed flower, waving shadows, mild sunshine, and gentle breeze, all in Paris, this is a truly moveable feast.

So just come with us, to experience "art of living workshops " of all kinds, to appreciate France through sumptuous banquet, to enjoy romanticism and freedom in French song. And have a profound knowledge of yourself in breezy Fontainebleau, in a sunrise on the Seine River, in Monet’s exotic garden, or, in the blue waters of the Mediterranean.


At the next station, we are waiting for You.